How To Sow & Grow Sweetcorn

Growing Seeds

Sweetcorn is easy to grow and is very rewarding for the home gardener. Plant sweetcorn in the spring and by late summer you’ll be picking lots of fresh cobs, which are far tastier and more succulent than any you can buy in the shop. The real reason to grow sweetcorn is, that until you do its hard to imagine just how wonderful it is quite simply covered in butter. The latest sweetcorn has a shorter growing season but it is still much better to start then off undercover and the perfect time to sow them is now.


There are many varieties to try, all of which will thrive in a sheltered, sunny spot with well-drained soil.

Mini sweetcorn is a good choice if you haven’t grown your own sweetcorn before as, unlike the large sweetcorn, it doesn’t need to be grown in blocks and you should get five or six cobs from each plant.

The plants also make a useful windbreak.


  • Sweetcorn likes free-draining, moisture retentive soil.
  • Prepare the bed by removing any weeds and digging over the site with a spade, removing any particularly large stones.
  • Keep plants well watered and the soil weed free and to give plants more stability, pile soil up around the stems.


Growing Sweet Corn In Containers


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