Lawn Care – Month By Month

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Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn does not come without some effort. Year-round care is needed to achieve that bowling green look and this is the time of year to get started!


Below is a guide to what you should be doing each month.

  • JAN/FEB – These are the lazy months in your lawn care year! If weather is mild, occasionally cut the grass with the mower blades set high – to maintain about an inch of growth. Check equipment. Keep off the grass if frozen or waterlogged. Keep an eye out for any fungal diseases; treat with a suitable fungicide.
  • MARCH – Rake the grass thoroughly using a special rake or wheeled equipment. Spike the lawn all over and apply lawn sand if necessary. Keep mower blades high and just ‘top` the grass. Remove all debris from the lawn prior to first cut.
  • APRIL – Re-seed bare patches, apply fertilisers and moss killer towards the end of the month. Mow regularly, lowering mower blades gradually to 3/4 inch. If moss is a problem, use a good brand of lawn sand and rake up the dead moss a fortnight later.
  • MAY – Keep mowing, increasing the frequency as required. Treat with selective weed killers or combined weed/feed preparations if you haven’t fed the lawn in April.
  • JUNE – Mow lawns twice a week if possible working to a definite pattern. Water grass if necessary, remembering to soak thoroughly. A good soaking is better than frequent light watering. Trim lawn edges.
  • JULY – Treat grass with second application of fertiliser or weed killer/fertiliser. Water in as necessary. Don’t crop grass too closely – raise mower blades as required.


  • AUG – Keep on mowing regularly and watering as necessary. Fill any cracks caused by drought with a mixture of sharp sand and soil.
  • SEPT – Raise mower blades to allow the grass to thicken and protect roots from winter frost and snow. Increase interval between mowings. Apply Autumn-Winter fertiliser, weed killer and moss killer.
  • OCT – Rake out thatch from turf and spike lawn to assist drainage. Brush in peat and sharp sand. A rotary mower with a collector is particularly useful at this time of year to collect dead or loose leaves. Continue cutting as necessary.
  • NOV – Use a stiff broom to remove wormcasts from the grass. Raise mower blades to allow 1 inch cut. Don’t mow if very wet as this will compact the soil and encourage waterlogging. Treat “fairyrings” with fungicide.
  • DEC – Rake all debris from lawns. Continue occasional cutting if weather is mild. Service your mower and any other equipment.

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