Make A Natural Garden

Natural Garden

Natural gardens use wild plants to make a garden look as if it grew all on its own. By planting grasses and wild flowers you will provide hiding places as well as food for birds and other wildlife. In order for the garden to look natural you will need to remember some basic rules.


If you are keen to create your own natural space, think about the following:

  • Keep the curves and edges soft so the garden blends into its surroundings.
  • Include a mixture of habitats, with light and shady areas.
  • Use natural objects as focal points and garden decorations.
  • Avoid straight lines, use gentle curves.
  • Mix together a variety of habitats.
  • For a woodland effect, think of narrow, winding paths.
  • Try to mix together a range of different plants.

This video shares tips on successfully planting a wild flower border to help you complete the job with confidence.


Planting A Natural Garden

It is important that the planting has three levels:

  1. Ground cover.
  2. Plants that are between 1.8m to 3m (6ft to 10ft) high.
  3. Trees – They can be as tall as you like.

meadow butterfly

large copper butterfly2