Gardening Tips

Nicotiana is a beautiful bedding plant that has a long, tubular flower. They can be grown in pots and containers, too. Nicotiana is a member of the tobacco family with ornamental qualities. Their colourful, tall blooms offer pleasant fragrances and draw butterflies to your garden.


Nicotiana looks good in mass plantings as bedding plants, or in groups so that you can enjoy their fragrance. Try some on or near your patio, deck or under a window of your house. When the plants are in bloom, their fragrance can waft in through an open window.

How To Grow Nicotiana From Seeds

  • Nicotiana seeds can be directly seeded into your flower garden, or seeded indoors for transplanting later.
  • An early, indoor start, means earlier flowers.
  • Sow seeds early in the season and cover lightly with 1/8″ or less of fine garden or seed starting soil.
  • Germination usually takes two to three weeks.
  • Do not set out seedlings until after the last frost date your area as these plants are susceptible to frost.
  • Ideal plant spacing is twelve inches apart.

THis video has some more tips about how to grow Nicotinia.


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