Planting Seeds In A Basic Seed Tray

Growing Seeds
Planting Seeds

When planting seeds in a container, be sure to pack down the soil lightly, bury the seed as deep as it is long, and keep the soil moist through the germination process. This video shows you how to plant seeds.


Most people spend more than they need to on gardening supplies and then are disappointed at the results their first couple of years. It does take time to get the soil just right, it takes time to learn what works best and when to plant and harvest. Many people make mistakes in the choice of growing medium, watering, humidity, and providing heat and light to their seedlings. Avoiding these mistakes saves a lot of time, money, and effort.


Save any containers with clear plastic lids as these make the perfect tiny greenhouse seed starting containers. Instead of buying a heating pad and seed starting trays just use the things you already have. This could be the fastest way to get your seeds started!