Plants That Rabbits Won’t Eat

Rabbit-Proof Plants

Deer and bunnies are very cute but they do like to eat what you are growing, so use these tips to save your garden without harming those cute animals. Some flowers that rabbits won’t eat include hyacinth, daffodils and strong-smelling herbs, such as mint, chive and parsley. Surround flower bulbs with these rabbit-proof plants. Generally, plants that rabbits don’t like include those that have strong scents, spines, prickles or leathery leaves. Rabbits also tend to avoid plants that have a milky sap. These videos have plenty of suggestions about different plants that you can use to prevent your lovely garden being nibbled or decimated by rabbits or deer!


Rabbits graze a wide range of plants and can cause enough damage to kill young trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Rabbits are often attracted to new plantings, so some protective netting is advisable until the plants are established.

Some Plants To Try



Salvia – There are many varieties of Salvia that are great for the garden and almost all are nicely rabbit resistant.

The blooms range from bright red to shades of purple and blue.

Most make great cut flowers, too.
Peonies – These long-lived perennials are tough.

Remember to stake up their heavy flowers to keep them from spilling on the ground after a heavy rain.

Peonies are as rabbit resistant as they are beautiful.