Stop Your Plants Freezing

Gardening Tips

In winter you can expect some cold weather, so are there some easy, cheap and simple ways you can use to protect your plants from frosts? In these videos you will learn how to do just that! This will also be helpful in the cool spring months when there could be a surprise frost around the corner too.
Baby your plants and flowers through a cold spell and they’ll reward you by continuing to bring beauty to your world.



  • Listen to local weather forecasts for frost warnings during vulnerable periods of the growing season in order to take proactive steps to protect your plants and flowers from a freeze.
  • Water your plants and flowers late in the day to raise the temperature of the surrounding air.
  • Cover plants and flowers before dark with cardboard boxes, sheets, burlap, newspaper, plastic tarps or any similar materials you have on hand.
  • Cut off the tops of plastic milk jugs and place them over plants and flowers to protect them from frost damage.
  • Cover the pot of container gardens in bubble wrap to retain root warmth and prevent frost damage.
  • Remove coverings in the morning when frost danger has passed and look forward to watching your plants grow and bloom.


Care for Plants in Containers in Winter


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