Things To Do This Week – September

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Carry on deadheading plants like repeat-flowering bush and climbing roses as they may have a second flush of flowers.


Divide Perennials

This is a good time to dig up and split perennials. If you bought new plants during the summer you can put them in larger pots or they may now be big enough to split into two before planting.

Plant bulbs

If you have bought new bulbs store them somewhere cool and dark if you aren’t ready to plant them yet. Alliums and daffodils are best planted in September.

Move Shrubs

If you need to move any shrubs you can move them now if you need to. If it is raining where you are as much as it is here you probably won’t need to follow this advice, but if it is dry in your area the night before you move the shrub, drip a hose into the soil around their roots.

Prepare Your Borders For Autumn

Start tidying up your borders by cutting back dying foliage. Use a plastic sheet or large bag to make border dismantling easier. Put the plant material onto the compost heap for later use as a soil-improver.