What Are Half Hardy Annuals?

Half Hardy Annuals

Half-hardy annuals are quick to flower and provide a burst of colour in summer borders and pot displays. To give them as long a flowering season as possible, sow seed early so that plants have plenty of time to establish before planting out. Once risk of frost has passed, plant your home-sown plants outside. Many varieties sown indoors by March or April will start to flower as early as June.



How To Sow Half Hardy Annuals

  1. Fill a tray with seed compost, then sow a tiny pinch of seeds in each cell.
  2. Cover with vermiculite, water and place the tray in a propagator in a warm spot.
  3. Once seeds have sprouted, wait until two pairs of leaves form.
  4. Transplant each seedling into a 7cm pot filled with sieved multi-purpose compost.
  5. Water well after transplanting and keep the pots in a warm, bright place.
  6. Avoid exposure to bright sunlight, which can scorch the young leaves.
  7. When all risk of frost has passed, move the plants to a cold frame or patio, bringing them in at night.
  8. After a week you can plant them outside.