Why You Should Grow Roses

Why Grow Roses?

You might be thinking “Roses are not for me, I’m just a beginner and roses are for experts”. However that’s not true, roses are easy to grow and super versatile. If you just think about roses as a blooming perennial shrub you’ll be just fine. There is no other perennial that comes in such an amazing array of colours, sizes and uses as the rose. This video shows you how to plant a rose, where to plant a rose and gives you some feeding and pruning tips.


Some Uses

  • Cutting garden – Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Roses
  • Landscape – Floribunda Roses
  • Add Height to your garden – Climbing Roses
  • Container gardens – Miniature Roses

If you are a beginner you can put in some really low maintenance roses like shrub roses that are very disease-resistant and easy for beginners to grow,

When you think about a rose you usually think about fragrance, but roses actually have a variety of different fragrances.

pink rose



Roses are often overlooked as a landscape plant by gardeners, possibly because people think that they’re hard-work and high-maintenance. But if you select the right roses and plant them well, they are a reliable, beautiful and sustainable garden addition.

Whether you’re a first-time rose grower or a seasoned gardener, this short video is packed with tips on how to best plant a rose garden.



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