Eco Friendly Plants

Eco Friendly Plants

If you want to attract Bees into your garden you need to know what plants Bees are attracted to and why.

If you plant flowers to attract Bees you will also get Butterflies too!

Butterflies like warmth, so choose sunny, sheltered spots when planting nectar plants and choose different plants to attract a wider variety of species.


Try to grow flowers right through the butterfly season. Spring flowers are vital for butterflies coming out of hibernation. Autumn flowers help butterflies build up their winter reserves.


  • Prolong flowering by deadheading flowers, mulching with organic compost, and watering well to keep the plants healthy.
  • Plants that are well-watered will produce far more nectar for hungry bees and butterflies.
  • Don’t use insecticides and pesticides. They kill butterflies and many pollinating insects as well as ladybirds, ground beetles and spiders.