Growing Cacti

Gardening Tips

Cacti and succulents have adapted to grow where there is not much fresh water, in places like deserts. Deserts get very little rain, are very hot during the daytime and often frosty at night. A prickly cactus stops birds and animals trying to eat them for their water! Cacti come in all shapes and sizes, textures and flower colours. There are two main groups of cacti – the desert cacti (usually covered in spines), and the jungle or rainforest cacti (often without spines and most are epiphytes). Choose the right cactus for the right spot and you’ll have a trouble-free, interesting houseplant that’ll last for years.


When To Repot

Cacti should be repotted as soon as the roots begin to show through the drainage holes at the bottom of its pot. As a general rule, fast growing species should be repotted every two to three years and slow growing species every three to four years. Repotting is best carried out in the spring, when cacti are enjoying active growth. Water the cactus two days before repotting, so the roots are moist but not saturated.

How to Re-pot A Cactus