How To Care For Orchids

Gardening Tips
Orchid Care

Orchids are a beautiful and exotic flower, and they are one of the easiest house plants to care for.


Orchids have four needs.

  • Orchids will do best in a north or east facing window. The light from a south or west facing windows may be too strong and can burn the leaves.
  • Water an orchid about once a week. A healthy orchid will have fleshy colorful leaves and white roots. Water around the base of the plant evenly, but don’t over water.
  • Orchids are tropical plants and are therefore used to warm temperatures. Keep them in a room heated between 65-80 degrees.
  • Feed your orchid with fertilizer. Use a water-soluble fertilizer mix. Spray it onto your plant about once every one to two months.

Orchids bloom for many weeks. When a flower starts to fade, simply pinch it off. When a stem starts to fade, cut it back, but do not throw the orchid away. If you continue to water and feed it, it will send up new buds. It might take several months, but it will bloom again. Caring for orchids is easy. With the right light, moisture, heat and fertilizer your orchid will add elegance to your home. An orchid can make a wonderful and gorgeous addition to any home flower garden as long as you know what they need to properly grow and survive.