How To Grow Begonia Organdy


Begonia Organdy are hardy plants, making a reliable addition to your bedding displays right the way though summer even through the worst of weather. They should be grown on in compost until you plant them up into pots or borders. They really are beautiful and a classic old favourite which no garden should be without. Begonia Organdy are as easy to grow as they look in this video. These plants are terrific for their spectacular array of bold colours, masses of flowers and fantastic foliage. They will look superb in containers or as terrific colour for your borders.


This video tells you about how to take care of begonias indoors as a house plant. There are a couple types of begonias that are not included in this guide as they do not over winter very well inside. Wax Begonias are the ones you see people using as bedding plants and Tuberous Begonias which have the huge showy blooms, grown from tubers. If you try to over winter them indoors, all the foliage will die back because they are going dormant, so they do not make for a great house plant.