How to Grow Garlic


Growing garlic is very easy. Plant garlic in the autumn as this will give it time to develop roots before going dormant over the winter. If you plant it in the spring, bulbs will be small or you may end up with just green shoots.


  • Plant garlic in October/November after the first frost, but before ground is frozen.
  • Don’t plant grocery store garlic, it will just grow long stalks, but won’t develop a bulb.
  • Each bulb has 5 to 6 cloves. Break bulbs apart into cloves just before planting, choose the largest cloves to plant.
  • Garlic will grow long roots, 6″ to 8″ long. Prepare soil for planting, turn over the soil 8″ to 12″, add black earth and manure.
  • Plant 6″ to 8″ apart, tip of the clove should be 2″ below the soil surface.

Garlic is a wonderfully diverse crop, and this video tells you about some things to consider when choosing the right garlic for you.