Beautiful Climbers – Clematis


The Clematis family is large – there are some 500 species around the world. They are lovely garden plants which flower for a large part of the summer.

Unusual Clematis

  • A double-flowered Clematis, such as ‘Multi Blue’ with its sharp bracts, is gorgeous and unusual.
  • The evergreen Clematis armandii is the most hardy, but only in a sheltered spot. The foliage is shiny green and contrasts beautifully with the flowers in April-May. As an added bonus these plants have a beautiful fragrance.


Small-flowered Clematis

  • The earliest flowering (April) include the soft blue Clematis alpina.
  • There are also attractive cultivars of Clematis macropetala, particularly in pastel shades: blue (‘Blue Bird’) and pink (‘Rosy O’Grady’).
  • The best-known fast-growing variety is Clematis montana var. rubens, which is covered in pink flowers in May. This plant is ideal for hiding an ugly shed or other eye-sores around your property.
  • A moderate-growing species is Clematis viticella.
  • Yellow-flowered Clematis tangutica, ‘Aureolin’ and ‘Golden Harvest’. A full sun position will produce a host of flowers.

Large-flowered Clematis

Large-flowered Clematises are very eye-catching when they flower. Take account of their colour when making your selection, and also their flowering period. The late-flowering varieties are attractive because they lend colour to a late summer garden, a time when a bit of extra brightness is welcome.

Flowering Time: May/June June/July July/September


  • White: ‘Miss Bateman’ Mme Le Coultre’ ‘Jackmanii Alba’
  • Pink: ‘Pink Fantasy’ Nelly Moser'(striped) ‘Hagley Hybrid’
  • Red: ‘Niobe’ Rouge Cardinal’ ‘Ville de Lyon
  • Pale blue: ‘Lasurstern’ Mrs.Cholmondeley’ ‘Lawsoniana’
  • Indigo: ‘The President’ Jackmanii’ ‘Gipsy Queen’