How To Grow Lilies

How To Grow Lilies

Lilies are bring fragrance, drama and colour to any garden, and, because they are perennials, you get to enjoy them every year. You can have lilies blooming all summer long if you know the different types of Lilies and how to grow them.



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There are two main classes of Lilies, Asiatic and Oriental.

  • Asiatic lilies are generally shorter, have upward facing flowers and bloom in early summer.

    They come in many different colours and slowly expand in your garden every year.

    Their average height is about three feet.

  • Oriental lilies tend to be a little taller, so if you live in a windy area consider staking them to keep them from blowing over.

Oriental lilies bloom a little later than the Asiatic lilies, so if you grow them together you will have Lilies all summer long.


This video tells you about how to grow and enjoy this wonderfully vibrant perennial flower.