Plant A Christmas Container

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Christmas Container

It’s worth putting a bit of effort into your doorstep and window sills for the festive period. Nothing beats a beautiful door decoration, a seasonal pot or a few sparkly lights to create a pretty Christmas scene and give people a warm welcome. You don’t have to go to overboard – just a few little touches can make all the difference to the overall look of things – and there’s no need to break the bank.


This video shows you how to plant a festive container finishing off with seasonal trimmings. The trimmings can be removed in the New Year, giving your container life beyond Christmas.


How To Make It

  • Half fill the pot with compost.
  • Add a handful of slow-release fertilizer granules. These will give your plans all the nutrients they need.
  • Add your plants one at a time, taking care when you take them from their pots.
  • Tease the roots with your fingers as you go.
  • Add more compost in any gaps between plants pushing it down with your fingers
  • Water your container well, going gently to avoid spilling water over the edge of the pot.
  • Nestle Christmas trimmings among the plants to give the container a festive feel.
  • Finish off by tying a chunky bow around the pot.
  • Water regularly to prevent the compost drying out.