Planting Hibiscus

Gardening Tips

Bring a bit of paradise to your garden by introducing the hibiscus plant, no matter what climate you live in. These beautiful garden flowers don’t have to be left in the tropics. Hibiscus flowers are not only dazzling, but they can also provide a piece of a tropical getaway for you, no matter where you live! When planting a hibiscus plant, be sure to thin out the browning foliage to encourage new growth when the roots get established. This video shows you how to plant a hibiscus plant.


The tropical hibiscus is a great option for a potted plant. This dazzling beauty blooms in the summer, but unfortunately doesn’t do well with freezing temperatures, so this variety would have to be a single-season plant unless you moved it indoors for the winter season.


If you live in chilly northern regions, there are other Hibiscus flower options that thrive in cold weather.

Perennial hibiscus, or Rose Mallow, re-emerges each spring after dying back to the ground at the beginning of winter. Mini varieties are a hardy to Zone 4.

A hardy shrub hibiscus called Rose of Sharon does well in Zone 5 and emerges in gardens in the midsummer with colourful blossoms.