Spring Rose Pruning

Pruning Roses

Late February and early March are the perfect time for pruning your roses for bountiful blooms in summer. These tips will help you to remove dead, damaged and diseased branches. Pruning your rose bush should not be intimidating; it may take some time to master but it’s very healthy for the plant. Bedding roses such as Hybrid Tea and Floribundas get hard pruned in late winter/early spring.


Rose Pruning Tips

  • Cut the stems back to one or two buds always choosing an outward facing bud.
  • This keeps the centre of the plant open so you end up with a plant that is wine glass shaped.
  • Keeping the centre of the plant open helps air to circulate through the plant to help keep away those fungus diseases.
  • Always remove any pruning and leaves from your bed after pruning as this will take away any old diseased leaves and help stop spread of diseases.


roses 2crop